About Me

Rachel Rasmussen, Owner of Rescue Desk LLCWelcome to the Rescue Desk blog. I own a business by the same name, which offers virtual assistance to small businesses and their overworked proprietors.

While the business itself may be relatively young, my life around the water cooler is not. Along the way, I’ve picked up countless tidbits of wisdom, numerous nuggets of truth, and endless scraps of insight.

The evolution from employee to business owner is a petri dish of sink-or-swim encounters, party-worthy victories, and head-smacking blunders.  But, if you’re paying attention, the one constant is the lessons learned along the way.

I’m hoping sharing the things I bump into along my journey will, at best, teach someone something new or inspire someone to follow the small-business path. At worst, I figure I’ll garner a chuckle or an I’ve-been-there/head-shake/eye-roll combo.

 – Rachel


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