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A memo from the home office
I see quite a bit from my chair at the Rescue Desk home office. I meet fascinating people, run into everyday challenges, and am always learning something new. With any luck, I also get to chuckle at least once a day at some absurdity that’s crossed my desk.

I have this friend…
Throughout my life, I’ve met people who have offered both brilliant wisdom and ridiculous advice. I’ve also paid close attention to the people I admire, who have unknowingly (or unwittingly!) taught me a lesson or two along the way.

Lessons from the virtual playground
Business life is a bit like the playgrounds of our youth — there’s a different dynamic in every corner of the park. As you make the rounds from the swing set to the soccer field to the monkey bars, there’s no telling what situations you’ll face or which people will make an impact.

Virtual Assistance: Industry Tidbits
I would be remiss if I didn’t spend time focusing on the virtual assistance industry. After all, it’s the focus of my business and what I spend most of my time doing. Between trolling for new tools and resources to make my job (and my clients’ jobs) more efficient and perusing industry news sources and blogs, I work hard to keep my finger on the pulse of the latest intel from the world of virtual assistance.

Life is Weird
Sometimes life can’t help it … it simply drops topic-fodder right into my lap. Who am I to deny life a response?


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