About Rescue Desk

Rescue Desk Virtual Assistant ServicesBased in Madison, Wisconsin, Rescue Desk provides virtual assistance to overworked small business owners, busy executives and overwhelmed sole proprietors.

By taking administrative tasks and creative projects off our clients’ to-do lists, we give them back the time they need to grow their business and get back to doing whatever it is they do best.

Owner Rachel Rasmussen, a veteran of the media, publishing and communications industry, uses her skills and experience in writing, editing, desktop publishing, Website content development, communications support and project management to provide assistance to small businesses that have an inspirational vision, but need a little help reaching their full potential.

Rescue Desk tackles the tasks you would give to an executive assistant, but without the cost or commitment of an actual employee. Some of the items we often find on our own to-do list on behalf of our clients include:

  • Writing and editing
  • Marketing communication development
  • Desktop publishing and graphic design
  • Web content development and maintenance
  • Multimedia/PowerPoint presentations
  • E-publishing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Research                         
  • Organizational tasks
  • Mailings and paperwork
  • Finding and working with third-party vendors
  • Coordinating project details
  • Meeting/event-planning assistance

And a whole slew of other tasks and projects…

Learn more about Rescue Desk by visiting our Website or by dropping us a line at info@RescueDeskVA.com.


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