What can YOU do in minute?

I’m an avid reader of business books, magazines, blogs and anything else that provides insight to some corner of the entrepreneurship world that I have yet to explore. One of my favorite publications is Success magazine, but what I look forward to most isn’t the cover story or any one of the entertaining columns by some industry leader or titan of business.

I love the “In a minute…” feature.

It’s just a small little box found in the corner of one of the front sections, and it lists a half-dozen things you can literally do in a minute. It always brings me back to the basics; the simple things I do in a day that may not only benefit me, but benefit those around me – my team, my clients, my friends, my family…

So, in the spirit of “In a minute…” I thought I’d start my own running list of things that can be done in 60 seconds or less. Feel free to steal from it, share it or add to it!

  • Send a quick, “Hi! How ya doin’!” email to an old friend.
  • Send a small congratulatory gift to someone who has achieved a goal (I’m a fan of LittleThings.com).
  •  Give my assistant the afternoon off.
  •  Register for a yoga class.
  •  Zip an article of interest to a prospective client.
  •  Pick up the banana instead of the cookie at the snack counter. 
  • Give my dog a belly rub.
  •  Compliment someone.
  •  Upgrade my usual medium hazelnut latte to a large, just because.
  •  Apologize to someone. (Admit it…we all know someone who may be a little miffed with us!)
  •  Tip an extra $5 at the restaurant.
  •  Make a referral.
  •  Publically proclaim what excellent service I received from (fill in business) on my Facebook or LinkedIn profile.
  •  Say “No,” once in awhile.
  •  Invite my best friend out for dinner.
  •  Send a thank-you note. In an envelope. With a stamp.
  •  Order a new business book for my office library.
  •  Download a podcast.
  •  Close my eyes and visualize my next vacation.
  •  Add a new picture to my vision board.
  •  Get a little fresh air – and a fresh perspective – with a walk around the building.
  •  Giggle at a memory.
  •  Change the radio station to one I wouldn’t normally listen to.
  •  Take a candid photograph of someone.
  •  Ask the always-friendly guy at “my” convenience store what his name is (and remember it!)

These are just a few things that popped into my head in a matter of minutes. What can you do in a minute that might improve your day, or that of someone you know?



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